About Urbana Real Estate


The Plebs Urbana were the non-aristocratic, city-dwelling people of ancient Rome who were known for their intellect and perseverance. They banded together and empowered themselves to build their own future. Their ability to share knowledge and work collectively enabled them to increase their mobility, strengthen their voice, and ultimately accelerated the advancement of their society.

Founded in 2021 in Downtown Los Angeles by veteran broker Marc Sinnott, Urbana Real Estate is an independent real estate brokerage focused on making homeownership, and the wealth-creating power of real estate, accessible to everyone. Through community involvement, education, and individualized attention, we work with our clients to increase “real estate literacy.” We believe in abundance; that valuable information should be shared, not guarded, and that our cities and communities will grow stronger as more people are empowered to build a secure future.

Many forces combine to make real estate a powerful financial tool

But, throughout history, the advantages of real estate as a driver of generational wealth have been guarded and reserved for the select few. This has contributed to inequality and widening wealth gaps. Urbana Real Estate has made it our mission to change that. We aim to help our clients master the world of real estate, and harness all the wealth-building benefits of this key asset class, all while making the process educational, positive, and stress free!

One of the reasons that real estate is so challenging is that information and resources are scattered and confusing. Rules vary by region or even by city, making it hard to know where to look for help. Our goal is to “demystify” the world of real estate by providing free tools and resources such as:

After a decade in real estate, Marc noticed a pattern of insincerity and inconsistency within the industry. He decided to build Urbana Real Estate to provide a safer space for clients. We honor our fiduciary duty to keep our clients informed and always advocate for your best interests. Whether you’re a first time renter, buyer or investor, an owner thinking about selling, or a seasoned operator looking to add to your portfolio – we pledge to use our experience and expertise to bring you value, increase your knowledge, grow your confidence, and work alongside you to achieve a successful transaction!

About Marc Sinnott

Marc Sinnott is a seasoned broker and investor with over a decade in the Southern California real estate industry. His a transactions have ranged from residential leases and sales to commercial office, retail, and hospitality. Marc’s past clients often attribute this success to his patience, expertise, in-depth knowledge of the transaction process, and his ability to educate and break down complex issues.